Monday, August 30, 2010

The Dreams I've had Through My Eyebrows

I'm a big believer in my dreams, anyway. I love these mini-movies that play out in my head almost every night-so vibrantly colored, so high-action and no cohesive plot line at all. Of course the fun wouldn't be complete if I didn't find a victim to whom I can relate the whole crazy story in full the moment I wake up. My dad can attest to this habit of mine; I believe he kept a special pair of earplugs for the mornings when I said, "Hey, Dad, you won't believe this dream I had last night!"

Sometimes I can't believe the dreams I've had: ones where I've felt terrible pain ( a dog was gnawing my hand off), dreams in which I've experience great heartache (Matthew was in love with a raven-haired woman), and nightmares that played out in horrible detail and left me sobbing at their denouement.

The one most infamous with my family is likely the simplest I've ever had. It involved eyebrows. Abraham Lincoln's eyebrows, to be precise, because more venerable bushy eyebrows cannot be imagined, my friend.

Here's the scoop. I was the fly on the wall while my dad was standing talking to a group of his friends, and he said, "You know what the great thing about Abraham Lincoln was? He thought through his eyebrows."

End of dream. Now, I do believe in the hidden meaning, but here it's rather tricky, and I think this dream pointed to just one thing: my love of the human brow. Eyebrows are really quite underrated in beauty estimation, and the only bad brow in my book is the boring one.

But to dreams: a recent vivid dream I had involved me driving a school bus up two flights of stairs into a long rectangular classroom. I ran around imploring people to help me drive the bus back down the stairs, feeling certain that I couldn't do it, especially turning it at the landing. Some woman leapt into the bus and accelerated down the stairs, beautifully navigating the tight angle at the landing.

This dream is interpreted by me thus: I have a little baby (the bus), and I cannot make this baby sleep (driving the bus down a very narrow flight of stairs) sometimes. Simple. But if they were all that simple, I wouldn't look forward to their vivid theater, but I do, and I'll tell you more about the dreams I've had another time.


  1. I love beautiful brows. I am sometimes positively green with envy when I am watching an old movie in which the main character is played by an actress with beautifully shaped and highlighted brows. Vivien Leigh with her arrogant "Why ARE you speaking to me?" brows. Katherine Hepburn with her slightly raised, "I'm up to no good" brows. And who can forget Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelley with their very regal brows. I would have to shave mine off and draw in new ones to achieve that kind of beauty, but I am content with mine.

  2. Audrey Hepburn's have to be on the all time Best of Brow list. Mine are simply straight, and my right brow won't behave at all. I plaster lotion on it almost every day to get it to look smooth. But straight brows are a little unusual, maybe?


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