Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dream Blog: Look Out! A 10-inch Komodo Dragon!

I've missed my dreams lately. I don't think I'm getting enough sleep to remember them. Oh, I'm dreaming alright, but the dreams are as fuzzy as the thoughts springing from my head all day long. If I have to drag my thoughts back to me all day by repeating tediously to myself, "Now, what was I doing? What was I doing?", imagine how hard it is to haul my dreams back up to the top level of consciousness.

But lucky you are! I did remember one of them with a fair degree of color this week.

This dream took place in a house.The house was quite nice, but it was like a sitcom house. You know, the front wall was missing, so the audience could watch the actors.

Everything in the house was neutral like a show house, and there were some big trees in the yard that offered a good deal of shade to the wall-deficient front of the place. But this house had a really big problem. Or I should say, moderately-sized big problems. Lizards, lizards everywhere! Creeping from beneath the tables and sofa, crawling over one's feet. Constantly on the move, in fact.

I've had dreams where I had to navigate houses and sometimes whole neighborhoods full of snakes, but never lizards. I was freaked out by them, but in a subtle way. It was more like a mounding feeling of anxiety with each new lizard that scuttled across the floor. But it was their heads, I think, that "done me in". These were not cute minature lizard heads. They were Komodo Dragon heads!

You may wonder how I would know what a Komodo Dragon's head would look like up close. Well, I'll tell you, Smarty-Pants. Our zoo just added a Komodo Dragon exhibit. There's a male and a female, but my friend Camille told me the zoo keeps them in separate enclosures for fear they'll eat each other. Here is what they look like:

But don't worry. The mini-komodos didn't eat my toes or grow like Clifford The Big Red Komodo Lizard. The other people inhabiting my dream seemed perfectly content to be around them, and I finally remembered that Matthew and I had a road trip to take, so I began to pack Mexican 4 Cheese Blend shredded cheese into the cooler in the car. Then I panicked because I didn't have enough.

So what did the dream mean? Oh, this is always the best part. Well, it meant:

A) We eat too much Mexican 4-Cheese Blend in this house or

B) A road trip is the only way to escape a lizard infestation or

C) I am terrified the Komodo Dragons at the Zoo will mate or

D) There were lizards in bed with me last night

Now before you discount D, I must tell you that there truly was a lizard in bed with Matthew one night a few years ago. He felt it running up his leg, and he hit it away from him so hard, it flew all the way into the closet. He and I were afraid to search too deeply for the carnage, so we went to bed. For a year or more, I wouldn't move anything on the floor on my side of the closet, afraid the ghost of that lizard would rise up and demand recompense for our brutal rejection of his company. When I did finally clean out the closet, though, there was nothing-not even a little lizard skeleton.

At any rate, I really must go with D; there were lizards in my bed last night. Let's just hope they were nothing like the 10-inch Komodo Dragons of my dreams.

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