Friday, February 3, 2012

Short, mostly unedited post: Other Writers

I'm going through an angry period with my writing. Can't seem to wrestle the words into a cohesive tale. I felt like writing today (and actually had the time), read an e-mail, and my muse was smothered. It happens like that sometimes - we creative people being much, much too sensitive. I anticipate that it will pass soon. Until then, I want to send you on your way and let you discover some very excellent stories from other talented writers. These posts from other bloggers were my favorite finds in January, and I hope that you too enjoy them.

From A Lady in France:  Prayer. And Humor and When I Was a Princess

From Resistent but Persistent: Broken sunglasses and an old potato

And this is a blog I've discovered this month with the help of a couple of close friends:!/

So go. Enjoy. And if you'll just excuse me, I must revive my muse. Somehow...


  1. Firstly, thank you for the mention here - it's lovely to stumble across a nice surprise like that first thing on a Saturday morning!
    Secondly, the reason I'm sitting here, reading blogs first thing on a Saturday morning, is because I have a real urge to write, but it just isn't happening...
    I guess we'll both just try again another day.

    1. Sharon, it's my pleasure to mention that lovely piece you wrote.

      And here's to trying again another day. May whatever we write be brilliant!


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