Monday, August 20, 2012

Go to Paris...

I am very excited to inform my readers that today Dad's romantic and smashing post on Paris is featured at A lady in France. She read it and fell in love with it, and you will, too. Even if you have read it before, pop over to Lady Jennie's blog and read it again; it's worth it. Then look over all the excellent posts by Jennie herself. She's funny and down to earth and makes living in France sound like it's something any of us could obtain (if we happened to marry a French man/woman, found a company to work for that was willing to transfer us to their Paris office, or became a famous ex-pat writer like Hemingway). I have read A lady in France for a long time, and I promise that you will find lots to love, including French recipes that make it all look so attainable, even for cooks like myself.

So travel now to Paris, and then explore more of the sights and sounds of France through Lady Jennie's eyes. Plan on a pleasant journey - enjoy!

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