Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Cheer with The Tumbling Tumbleweed

That last post was something, wasn't it? Bitter and something that rhymes with witchy.


Well, let's cheer things up around here. Bring out the laughing elves, mix a batch of fudge, call the Rockettes and see if they're free. Or bring out the 25-foot tumbleweed tree:

Yes, that is just the spirit, a holiday tradition in this town since 1957. South westerners are pretty inventive, and they love to flock indigenous plant life, piled high in a wire frame, with fake snow and fire retardant on a bright and warm December day.

Sure, it's traditional for city squares to have an enormous coniferous tree decked out in full Christmas regalia. A few years ago Arizona even sent one of its own evergreens to Washington D.C. for the national tree on a tractor-trailer, but who needs an eighteen-foot, stately pine when you can have this lighthouse of cheer in your downtown.                  

It may not be the most elegant tree, but it's one of the most creative. When it goes up, it feels like home sweet home on the range.


  1. I think that tree is beautiful, but then, I'm from the west.

    1. It is special, and it's home for me. Mama loves the fake snow on it, I bet!

      How's Book 4 of Kelven's Riddle coming?


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