Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Memory Of Sandy Hook's Children

I couldn't believe what showed up on my computer screen yesterday morning when I turned it on. Not again and not in the same week, the same year, the same decade as so many other terrible tragedies.  No more. Never again. And NEVER children. Dear God, help us! please

My husband got angrier as he read the story at his work, so many little lives that we can imagine, because of our own four children. I cried on the phone with him. My children and I prayed the rosary. We have never prayed it before, but something had to be done to offer up our thoughts, our sorrow and our love for those little kids, their teachers, their parents, and the first responders who should never have to see what they saw Friday morning.

I stand with all of you in shock and sadness, shedding tears and praying for change. My love to you, and our love to all those children of Sandy Hook Elementary, their devastated families and friends.


  1. I was crying too a good deal this morning. I was so thankful I had my Presbyterian women's group this morning, as we wept together and tried to process this tragedy. We were talking about how no one ever plans for or imagines these things happening in the narratives and visions we create for our lives and how hard it is to process it, when they happen. I feel that God is weeping along with us all and through us.

    1. Thank you, Holly, for sharing your beautiful thoughts. Yes, God was weeping through us.


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