Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ignacia's Kitchen: Homemade Pizza…or should I say artisan pizza or a fancy named rustic pizza?

I love cooking but there are only two dishes where I like my version more than anyone else’s. Sounds egocentric, but I think it is not a big enough “portfolio” for a career as a chef.

I am happy my friend Hillary is having me as a guest again, so if you like my simple pizza, I would love for you to post the link and share…so she invites me again J.

Anyway, all of that to say that this is one of those two recipes:

Quantities for one round 13 inches or 12x10 inches pizza

·        Mix ¾ cup lukewarm water with

·        3 Tb olive oil

·        1 tsp salt

·        Right after mixing (before the water and oil separate)

·        Add 2 cups flour

·        Mix and knead for a couple of minutes

·        Add more water or flour to get a soft dough

·        Roll dough into desired shape

·        Pinch with a fork

·        Bake it at 400F until golden, for about 10 minutes

Meanwhile, grab you favorites toppings…or the one you actually have…tomato sauce and cheese are highly recommended but actually you do not need them.

·        When the dough is ready, add the toppings and bake for about 7 minutes

Sit, eat and enjoy!
YUM! Cheesy goodness

·        Add more I like to mix extra ingredients for the kids to play and make fun shapes, then we bake it with the rest of the dough.

·        Add about ½ teaspoon of  dry seasoning to the water, oregano, basil, etc.

·        Use parchment paper if you do not feel like scraping the countertop and do not have a fancy knelling thingy

·        Bake the dough longer if you like the dough crunchier or less if you prefer it softer

My dear friend Ignacia is likely moving back to Chile soon. I am bummed, but I am also happy for her family, that they get to return to their home and family. Their friends in the US will miss them badly, but it is times such as these when you truly thank God for the Internet in all its modern wonder. It is so much easier to keep in touch across continents, and I trust that we will. I hope that we will - always.

As well as some wonderful memories and a scarlet rose plant, she has given me (and you) some excellent, not-too-complicated recipes. She is always generous like that. :-) May her family always be blessed!



  1. Hillary I am going to miss you too!

    I feel blesses to have a friend like you, you make me feel part of the group from the beginning and although we do not see each other as often as before, I know I can count with you and I hope you always remember you can count with me too.

    When you start traveling the world, you and you family will have a place in our house :)

    Thank you for being happy for me.

    May you family always be blessed too!


    1. Ignacia, you know your friends love you!

      You're the one who gave me my first sling, because Ella completely rearranged my thoughts on parenting. That sling got good use.

      And I've admired your for your warmth as a mother and your easy kindness and for your pursuit of higher learning despite obstacles.

      It'll be hard to know I can't see you when our schedules align, but I'll always remember our friendship and try to find some way to visit you in your home. Your family always has a place at our house.


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