Hummingbird questions - guest post by Berto

collaborative picture by Berto, Ana, Ella and their mama

Hey, small guy
Why do you fly so fast?
Do you like to show off your wings,
or your little green mask?
Why do you turn your head sometimes?
And why do you like flowers?
Well I have to go now,
because I looked at my watch,
and it's time for supper!
So fly along now,
because it's time for yours too,
And I'll come back tomorrow,
and learn all your answers,
and I hope they are good ones,
Mr. Fast Flyer!

Berto wrote this in 2nd or 3rd grade. I have not edited it in any way. I loved this poem when I first saw it, and as the paper is very wrinkled and torn now, I thought I would post it here for keeps.


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