Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Here, Hair

Honestly, all I can see in this picture is my big nose.

(I once had a little girl on the school bus tell me I had a witch's nose. I must have been a teenager at the time, and I took it as a compliment. Halloween costumes would be easy.)

Do you think it qualifies as a selfie if you take the picture with an inexpensive camera and don't have the ability or desire to post it immediately on social media?

I'm not fond of selfies, but there is a reason why I'm sharing this picture. Something is different about me. I can't quite put my finger on it...

Just kidding. I see it now.

Twice last week I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about my hair. The first time I felt anxiety about committing to something expensive and drastic and wondered if there was any way I could back out. The second time I woke up because I had accidentally set an alarm clock for midnight and suddenly felt pangs of sadness.

After 36 years of being natural, I had dyed my hair.

Last Thursday I spent four hours in a salon getting pampered, having my hands and scalp massaged and getting strips of foil plastered to my head and then being plopped down under a dryer that felt like it was possibly frying my brain.

And the end result after my hair was washed, rinsed and conditioned without the lifting of even one of my little fingers?

I couldn't tell a difference, and as I gazed at my damp, limp hair in the mirror I thought, Great! Just my luck! She chose a color almost exactly my own. I spent all that money and damaged my hair for no change!

But then things brightened up, and I recognized the lovely change, subtle as it was. It made me happy til I experienced middle of the night remorse.

It's not all-over color. It's not highlights technically. It's that ombre coloring women are going for nowadays, though without the stark demarcation you see on some ladies' heads. It should last a few months as it grows out, the stylist assured me, because I assured her that although I have been craving a change on and off for years, I balk against maintenance. Understanding this, she told me that a complete dye job would be a bad idea, especially since I don't have greys.

I don't? Ha!

Gosh, I don't know why I'm telling you about my hair. It's a slow writing week, sorry. But, after all, every little act of daring is worth celebrating, and mine just happened to turn out all right.

This time.


  1. The color is very pretty! It blends nicely with your skin tone. I can see the difference compared to your photo on the sidebar. There is a young man at our church who dyes his hair in a different color every other month. Pinks, purples, silvers- just crazy stuff. He is playful and completely natural about it. I wish I had his boldness.

    1. He sounds like an interesting guy! For so long I have had an improper amount of pride in keeping my hair natural, but I also really wanted a change. Thanks for the compliment! Thank goodness it worked out instead of me running out of the salon screaming and crying!

  2. It looks really nice! And hey girl if you are feeling cute and want to post a selfie, there's nothing wrong with that. You do you :)

    1. Do you remember that selfie I took of us in Bath?! I looked deranged. But, hey, those odd twists on social norms feed my humor writing!

    2. Hahaha! Selfie fails are always a source of amusement! Maybe we should have taken a selfie next to the lock box, that would have been a keeper.

    3. You made me laugh! Ah, memories...that one definitely would have been the best!


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