Saturday, March 9, 2013

Three Funny Things

Half a mother's wrinkles are from stress, lack of sleep, worry, and non-vocal disciplinary warnings. Thank God the other half are from laugh lines:

1. It was getting out of hand. Another uneasy gathering of minds, a new exchange of hard stares and rude exclamations, "It's your turn! Go!" Sighs and grunts and shouts of indignation and dice scattered under the couch and people's legs. I had to do something to promote peace.

"You guys, let's all try to remember how Jesus would want us to behave," I gently reminded.

My husband responded wryly, "I don't think Jesus had Yahtzee."

2. We have a chandelier in a bad spot. It hangs low over a cramped space between the dining area and living room. So many people have hit their heads on it, my husband always gives a shout and applause to any new victim. "Congratulations!" he exclaims. "You're part of the family! You've been initiated." It seems a little late when, after such an exuberant display, he asks if they're alright.

The other day I found my littlest guy, Danny Sammy, standing on a dining chair hitting a toy against this same chandelier to make tinkly music - again.

"You get down from there right now," I said firmly as I walked past with an armful of laundry. Instead of doing what I asked, I saw him lift the toy again out of the corner of my eye. "Don't you even think about!" I called, dropping the load into the washer.

A moment's silence...then I hear my little boy confess, "I'm thinking about it!"

3. The rain was coming down hard, but it had to be done; toys and chairs and bikes and skates needed to be rescued from the elements. My 10-year-old thought his mad dashes into the yard protected only by his papa's rain slicker were a joyride, even as I shouted for him to hurry up out of the storm. But when there came a mighty clap of reverberating thunder, my brave boy launched himself indoors with a shriek, slipping, sliding and arms flaying until he lay stretched flat on the floor, laughing up at me. I joined in gratefully, my first good belly laugh of the day.

This list was loosely based on Clare Law's blog, Three Beautiful Things. I always enjoy visiting her site, because I never fail to be reminded to enjoy each day and to take the time to relish all the silly, cute, sweet, unusual and beautiful things my kids do. It's all about accumulating the laugh lines.


  1. I liked the line about Jesus, a lot. I had a sudden image of the apostles playing Twister.

    1. My husband is a witty, witty man, and I laughed my head off, as usual.

      I believe this is the first comment from you, Philip. Thank you for reading and responding!

  2. Great post - I enjoyed reading this...


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