Monday, August 12, 2013

Ignacia's Kitchen : Banana Bread (just mix it up!)

 No Rules Banana Bread

(Makes 24 cupcakes)


·        ½ Cup butter OR ½ Cup oil (note from Hillary: I like oil, easy. Melted butter never seems to incorporate as well for me)

·        1 Cup sugar

·        2 eggs

·        2 Cups flour

·        1 tsp baking soda

·        ¼ tsp salt

·        1 Cup milk OR Buttermilk

·        2 Tbs lemon Juice (aprox)

·        1 Cup mashed bananas

Pour into chosen containers (I prefer cupcakes)


·        Bread Pan: 275 ºF for 1 hour

·        Cupcakes: 300 ºF for 35 minutes


·        Use a food mixer

·        Leave the pans in the oven after baked for a crunchier crust (pictured cupcakes are from the same batch, the darker ones stayed in the oven after oven was turned off)

·        Break eggs into a separate container to take out eggshells if you need, necessary if you are letting kids break the eggs

·        Add nuts if you want

·        Freeze bananas when they are getting too ripe for your taste, they will turn black outside while keeping the inside fresh

·        If you are using frozen bananas you do not need to mash them, they can be squished out of the peel

·        Cut frozen bananas into 1 inch long pieces and add to smoothies

My friend Ignacia returns to her home in Chile this week. She promises to send more recipes to me, especially for Chilean food as their Independence Day approaches in September.
I had planned a going away party for her, but my kids got sick, so all the moms in our group met instead at a Starbucks (so American of us). I wish we'd had these cupcakes to go with our espresso. 
Someday maybe - a dream but maybe - we'll all make it to Chile to visit her.


  1. I wish I could come over today and share some of those delicious treats with you and your family. We will do so some day soon, I promise. Tell the kiddos that Paca loves them all very much.

    1. I will pass on your love to the kids. And I will not pass on the chance to say for myself that I would love another guest post from you, too. :-)


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