Monday, August 19, 2013

Short, Mostly Unedited: Accidents

Well, I was going to be all glum in this post, ungrateful - gloomy, pitiful, cast down - but it goes against my nature.

I was going to point out in an oblique way the incredible amount of debris and blockage God expects us to wade through daily in our struggle to be good and hopeful, not resigned but steadfast, courageous. But of course it is ridiculous to even insinuate that the struggle is too much, the odds too great against us, for what do we do but sin against each other constantly for our own pleasure and convenience? No, we mostly create our environment, but there are unforeseen events not of our making: nature's whims, illnesses, accidents.

Accidents happen. Time and Chance stalk us all. But you can't sit on your hands and rock back and forth and wail that it's not fair. Just today I feel my family has had an unlucky year, and to myself I reply, Ha! Others have it worse and keep their grace. No one has it fair, after all. For some, it is brutally unfair.

No, we are not unlucky at all. We are blessed, happy, healthy. A little depressed today, but things are not worse than they are, so I am grateful.

God knows. He knows how often in this past year I have thanked him, praised him again and again just remembering how our children were unharmed in our car accident last September. I thanked Him when our drywall crashed in our carport, and we were all safe in the house to hear its effects, no one under it to receive its blows. I thank him today when my husband is safe, if injured, after his accident yesterday evening.

All the world's a stage; we are all bound to wreak havoc on the play, bearing, too, the consequences of others' missed cues. We thank God for the chance to go on, to ad lib.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just off to read Dr. Seuss' book Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

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